Create bounties in any GitHub repository.
Receive payouts around the world.
Pay anyone anywhere.

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Pay as you go

  • % fee paid on top of bounties / tips
  • Only pay when your issues are resolved
  • No credit card required to share bounties
  • Public on GitHub

Earn Bounties


Payout received

  • Received in 3-8 days on average
  • Check your country is supported
  • Algora profile with contribution history
  • Free livestreaming on Algora TV


Get work done & reward contributors.
Activate public discovery on Algora.
Grow your community & reach.



Pay as you go

  • Public org page with complete history
  • Teammates with granular access rights
  • Slack / Discord notifications
  • Display bounties on your site
  • Auto-pay on merge
  • Bounties are visible only on GitHub



One-time payment



One-time payment

  • Everything from Startup
  • No bounty fees up to $10,000 rewarded
  • Hiring Portal



One-time payment

COSS Founder Testimonials

Bounties to get work done & control burn rate

Your platform has helped us build the software that it is today because we've been able to access a lot of talent, a lot of folks who are just passionate, working day in, day out, weekends, nights. It doesn't matter. They'll just keep creating pull requests and we keep reviewing them. So it's a lot of fun and got a lot of work done for us. The majority of work is done by open source contributors, that's how it's built today. And that sort of helps us control our burn rate. Because the way this bounty system works is, you get paid if you get a pull request merged.So you're not paying for down times at all. It turns out to be a lot more efficient from a startup's runway point of view.
Tushar Mathur
Tushar Mathur
Founder & CEO
Total awarded
Bounties completed
Contributors rewarded

OSS sustainability with bounties

So I got into Algora through Cal. I picked up a random PR. It had a bounty attached to it. A week later I ended up geting paid. It was pretty cool because instead of doing, well, not necessarily work for free, but the work that I was going to do anyway, I was able to get paid and it gives you a really nice feeling like, you know, that you feel rewarded, you know, that you feel appreciated. So at the moment we had funding and everything else at Documenso, I said, you know, if we're going to take open source contributors, we should consider how we're going to do bounties and more specifically tips. I think seeing this change in sustainable open source is a massive thing. And it goes both ways. We as commercial products that are open source, we can tip our contributors and create sustainability that way, which helps develop a more thriving community. And for us community is the most important path to adoption because we need to build trust.
Lucas Smith
Lucas Smith
Co-founder & CTO
Total awarded
Bounties completed
Contributors rewarded

Developer-first features

Algora is designed to seamlessly fit into your existing workflow.


Notify your community using Discord & Slack notifications

💎 Open Bounties$6,070
💰 Rewarded Bounties$8,095


Badges, dynamic OG images, React components, you name it. We have everything you need to showcase your Algora activity



Retroactively reward your contributors for their valuable work, whether it's creating a good pull request or opening a helpful issue

Merged pull request

Completed payment

Transferring funds to contributor

Auto-pay on merge

Complete payments without ever leaving your repository. Just merge your pull requests and we'll take care of the rest. This feature also enables instant payment of tips.

Algora SDK

List your bounties, contributors and stats with our Typescript SDK & React components.

import { algora, type AlgoraOutput } from "@algora/sdk";

const useBounties = () => {
  const [bounties, setBounties] = useState<RemoteData<Bounty[]>>({ _tag: "loading" });

  useEffect(() => {
      .query({ org: "acme", limit: 3, status: "active" })
      .then(({ items: data }) => setBounties({ _tag: "success", data }))
      .catch((error) => setBounties({ _tag: "failure", error }));
  }, []);

  return bounties;
export function Bounties() {
  const bounties = useBounties();

  return (
    <div className="space-y-2">
      <ul className="grid gap-2 sm:grid-cols-3">
        {bounties._tag === "success" &&
 => (
            <li key={}>
                className="group relative block h-full rounded-lg border border-gray-400/50 bg-gradient-to-br from-gray-300/30 via-gray-300/40 to-gray-300/50 !no-underline transition-colors hover:border-gray-400 hover:bg-gray-300/10 dark:border-indigo-500/50 dark:from-indigo-600/20 dark:via-indigo-600/30 dark:to-indigo-600/40 hover:dark:border-indigo-500 hover:dark:bg-gray-600/5 md:gap-8"
                <div className="relative h-full p-4">
                  <div className="text-2xl font-bold text-green-500 transition-colors group-hover:text-green-600 dark:text-green-400 dark:group-hover:text-green-300">
                  <div className="mt-0.5 text-sm text-gray-700 transition-colors group-hover:text-gray-800 dark:text-indigo-200 dark:group-hover:text-indigo-100">
                  <div className="mt-3 line-clamp-1 break-words text-lg font-medium leading-tight text-gray-800 group-hover:text-gray-900 dark:text-indigo-50 dark:group-hover:text-white">
Million bounties
Remotion bounties

COSS Founder Testimonials

How we use open source bounties

Giving access to people who have a skillset and an interest in something but aren't necessarily interested in joining the company full-time to contribute to it. But that doesn't to me mean like free work for us, right? I certainly believe people should be compensated for their time, especially if we like commercially benefit from it, when possible we should offer some sort of compensation. In addition to just helping prioritize or expedite something." Let's offer a bounty to say "Hey, someone please prioritize this, who has the skillset for it? I think long term I'd like to make it a very normal, sort of consistent part of our development process.
Josh Pigford
Josh Pigford
Co-founder & CEO
Total awarded
Bounties completed
Contributors rewarded

Open Source Coding Bounties

A GitHub issue is this atomic unit of a problem, and allowing you to put a cash bounty on it, to solve this specific problem, without any overhead, and make it available to any person, I find it very interesting. And we've been experimenting a lot with putting cash bounties on issues. The majority of the experiences were very positive. I think we're now further than if we did not use bounties. We're pretty convinced about it, it worked very well.
Jonny Burger
Jonny Burger
Total awarded
Bounties completed
Contributors rewarded